Dairy Reviews

for Stillwater Home Dairy/ Jorgensen's Home Dairy

  1. I just love Karen's yogurt and all her different Cheeses. I have not had anything I didn't like!! Her Goat milk is the best! My little puppies love the milk also. The soap I have tried fells so good on my skin!!! Thank you Karen!!!!!
    Debbie Satisfied customer/ Cleveland, OK
  2. I like your milk and yogurt, so do my kids. The Squeaky cheese is the best! Need to try more.
    Lauren Brown Enid, OK Nov. 2018
  3. I've been enjoying Karen's goat milk for about a year now. It is always fresh and tastes great. If you can't digest cow's milk, give this a try. It is a very healthy alternative. Enjoy!
    Good Stuff Aaron in Stillwater, OK
  4. I have been having trouble digesting milk for years. I only used just enough milk to put on my cereal every morning, but still got gassy and uncomfortable. Karen told me to try her raw goat milk. She told me I should be able to drink it since it has all the digestible enzymes still in it. I tried it and have been drinking her milk ever since. Now I put it on my cereal daily and even drink milk with my cookies now. I have not had any gassy upset yet. I love it!
    Lucy in Stillwater, OK March 2010
  5. We got a few gallons and froze some of it to use later - knowing that if we had issues with the quality, it would be replaced because of Karen's guarantee. We didn't need a guarantee,however, as the milk is wonderful fresh or thawed from frozen! It is thick and creamy with a wonderful fat content. It keeps well and is exactly what we were hoping for. We plan to continue getting milk through the Jorgensens as long as they'll let us! Thank you, Karen
    Wonderful Milk! Misty in OKC
  6. I love Karen's feta cheese and yogurt! She keeps the cheese in brine. The taste changes as the cheese is aged. I tried both freshly made and aged feta. They all were very good. Her yogurt is also very delicious. She sterilizes and vacuum seals her jars. So, I've no doubt on the hygiene of her products.
    Ozge in Stillwater, OK
  7. I'm totally sold on goat milk now. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the goat milk and yogurt was. The yogurt is so smooth and great with fruit and nuts. I also absolutely love the cheddar!! I highly recommend the cheese. I am looking forward to getting more as the quality is amazing and Karen is very nice.
    Betty/ Happy Customer in Terlton, OK